Thursday, 2 March 2017

Road trip from Abuja to Matsirga Waterfalls, Kafanchan, Kaduna state, Nigeria..

Matsirga waterfalls
Hey guys, its been a while since i updated the page but that doesn't mean i haven't been up to some crazy adventures. In the last two weeks, we've had two very tasking hikes and a crazy road trip to Matsirga waterfalls in Kaduna state (Northern Nigeria).
Our hike two weeks ago was at Mpape (Rasta Garden) -  its called Rasta Garden cos there's a Rastafarian settlement situated  around the mountain. The trail was difficult  - rugged terrain, sloppy curves, dusty and long. After the hike, we took out some time to cool off and celebrate one of ours- Mr Babangida was his birthday and we got the Rastafarians to play some classic acoustic tunes with their guitar.

Fast forward to this past weekend and our adventure took us to Katampe Mountain, which is the most demanding trail ive seen thus far.. it was rugged, crazy, hard and sweet, all  at the same time. The trail which lasted about 3 hours, led us across two mountain peaks and 3 corresponding valleys. We were about 40 in number but only a handful made it all the way. The sweetest part of the story though is that a 10 year old kid, who came along with her mum and elder sis formed part of the few that completed the long hike, while her mum, sister and aunties all dropped on the way... In the end, she was given a heroes welcome!!!!!! FUN! FUN!! FUN!!!

After Saturday's hike, we embarked on a road trip from Abuja (Nigeria's Capital city) to Kaduna state (North central Nigeria) and our final destination was Matsirga waterfalls.
It was fun all the way....  The trip was crazy and interesting!!!!

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