Monday, 30 January 2017

Naija Adventurers Upcoming trips to Farin Ruwa Waterfalls - Nasarrawa & Kajuru Castle - Kaduna

In the month of February 2017,the 'Naija Adventurers' family will visit the famous Farin RuwaWaterfalls-Nasarrawa State, as well as Kajuru castle in Kaduna!!

                                                          Background information

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall found in the central region of Nigeria. It is among the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is significant among Africa's falls when the total height covered by the waterfall is considered.

The source of Farin Ruwa falls is found on the Nasarawa State, from whence it gushes down over the edge of the Nasarawa. During its descent from the Jos Plateau, the water drops a total height of about 150 metres (492 ft).[1] This drop is higher compared to the more popular Victoria Falls, which drops a height of around 108 metres (354 ft) during its descent.

Farin Ruwa is a Hausa language word meaning 'white water'. Farin Ruwa is a description of the nature of the falls by the local inhabitants of the Farin Ruwa area.[4] The height covered during the descent of the falls is very great, so that the descending water crashes during its way down the Jos plateau escarpment. The falls gradually turns white in colour as a result of the height covered by the falls during its descent.

The falls, as a result of its white colour, appears in the distance to the inhabitants of the Farin Ruwa area like white smoke on the mountains. This white nature of the falls earned it the name Farin Ruwa from the inhabitants

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls

                                                                     Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is a luxury villa, built 1989, in early medieval style at Kajuru village in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

It is home away from home and one of Kaduna's prime tourist locations. Experience pure royalty in this magnificent castle.

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Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle

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