Monday, 23 January 2017

Trip to Gurara Waterfalls, Gurara, Niger State, Nigeria

Oral history has it that Gurara Waterfalls was discovered in 1745 by a Gwari hunter named Buba, way before the Europeans discovered it in 1925 and turned it into a recreational centre. Before its discovery by the Europeans, the Waterfalls was worshiped by locals living in communities around it and local folklore postulates that it was named after two indigenous deities called Gura and Rara...
So as explorers, adventurers, tourists and nature enthusiasts, i and my team members in the now renowned 'Naija Adventurers' (formerly FCT Adventurers) took to the road to have a feel of this magical destination!!! Guess what?? it was truly magical!!!!!! Awesome experience!!!  and just like i always say ' nothing is a beautiful as nature'. #Naija Adventurers #Nigeria #Gurara waterfalls #Adventure master
-Henry Goin 'Adventure Master'

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